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Using logos in advertising is essential to improve the exposure of the business or brand on the global platform. A widely and instantly recognized logo is a valuable organizational asset for a corporation and is thus trademarked for intellectual property protection, in the majority of situations. While logos aim to bring instant brand recognition, some cleverly maintain hidden messaging that only eagle-eyed consumers may spot.

Images talk. Images can convey information. The information can be pleasant or disturbing, nice or ugly, inspiring, or fearful. But it is for sure that all images say something. But what is image manipulation? A process to change an image to make it more attractive or give a completely different view from the original one. You cannot normally figure out actually what it was before. Normally this process is applied for business purposes and often in social media.

Letter Design

Letter Design

Feel free to check out my variety of letter design which in this case, lettering is considered an art form, where each letter acts as an illustration. For this project i was able to expand my creativity and experimentation through an exciting and educational way.

Futuristic Commercials

Futuristic Commercials

The purpose of a commercial is to convince the audience of buying a product or service by describing its benefits. Commercial awareness encompasses the knowledge of how a company makes profit, customer perception and requirements and any significant problems within the business that are detrimental to success.

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